School Event Calendar

2023 - 2024 School Year Calendar Dates



August 1st-11th

Professional Development

August 10th

Open House

August 14th

First Day of School

September 4th

Labor Day

October 13th

End of 1st Quarter (44 Days)

October 16th

Beginning of 2nd Quarter

October 19th

Parent Teacher Conferences

October 20th

Fall Break

November 20th-24th

Thanksgiving Break

December 20th

End of 2nd Quarter (42 Days)

December 21st-January 3rd

Christmas Break

January 3rd

PD Day

January 4th

1st Day of 3rd Quarter

January 15th

Martin Luther King Jr Day

February 19th

President’s Day

March 15th

End of 3rd Quarter (50 Days)

March 18th-22nd

Spring Break

March 25th

Beginning of 4th Quarter

March 28th

Parent Teacher Conferences

March 29th

Good Friday

April 26th & 29th

No School

May 24th

End of 4th Quarter (42 Days)

May 27th

Memorial Day

School Approved Party Days

Elementary School Approved Days - TBA
Middle and High School Approved Days - TBA